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The technical documentation for the leadhub has a new look.
In addition to the improved documentation, you will find a How-To section where we maintain tutorials for you on which steps are necessary for which use case.
Additionally, there is a news section where we inform you about announcements and changelogs after releases.

What is the biggest change?

We got rid of the swagger ui, its now not offering enough possibilities so document our system satisfyingly. That also means you are not able anymore to execute api calls direct in the browser. Of course we thought about this too and though we decided to offer a postman collection you can use for those cases.

What do I need to do?

Nothing! The interfaces stayed the same, all implementations you did so far will continue working.

What is coming next?

Right now our knowledge HowTo's section is still small. We're starting now do build this up, so whenever there is a new complicated topic in leadhub, you find information about this directly in this section.

Enjoy this new developer portal and stay tuned for the next releases!